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La Meije dans le massif des Ecrins, 3983 m

Face Nord, vue du col des Ruillans.

Watercolor 6,7X9,4”, Aquarelle 17X24cm - 150313

3 commentaires:

Corinne H. a dit…

Aé si sobre...bref c'est beau !

Catharina Engberg a dit…

I wonder: Are ALL the lines drawn BEFORE applying the paint or have you added lines AFTER color as well? It looks lovely. :)

Yves a dit…

Merci Corinne, aérien à cette altitude, c'est une obligation !
Thank you for your interest Catharina, the second picture is a preparatory drawing with pencil, watercolor is applied based on these benchmarks, then the Chinese ink allows to have a more nervous drawing that more closely resemble the texture of rocks.